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Hi, thank you very much for visiting here

We are Maximus Graphic Design and Photography. We are from Bandung Indonesia. We are interested a lot in Graphic Design and Photography

We love sharing ideas and thoughts..helping people and exchanging the knowledge

We like meditation and deep thinking

Tri Wibowo and Vega

Call us : 02292327443

Bandung Maximus Graphic and Photography


Web/blog Design, Graphic and Photography

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We design, we transform your ideas into beautiful web and blog applications with valid markup. Our high quality transformation technique goes way beyond the standard slicing and guarantees a pixel precise layered CSS conversion.

We make it work, we create web and blog applications that live. With intelligent and interactive functionality we focus on usability and easy-to-use interface design that comes with a kick. From planning the design to implementing the back-end — we go all the way.

Our strong skill set combines creativity with functionality. Detail orientation and a holistic view on problems allow us to create customized, flexible and easy-to-maintain solutions.

Our best wishes.

Tri Wibowo and Vega

Bandung Maximus Graphic and Photography